28 Most Proud Trucking Moments

Truck driving is one of the most challenging jobs out there. It requires sacrifice from home and comfort and a level of independence and problem solving that most people can not handle. This is why it can be the most rewarding career for the right person. We asked our community of over 300,000 truck drivers... Read more »

What are the top three things I should have in my cab?

What are the top three things I should have in my cab?   We do not beat around the bush around here. The most common answer to “What are the top three things I should have in my cab?” straight from thousands of truck drivers:   #1 ATLAS #2 FLASHLIGHT #3 FIRE EXTINGUISHER   Yet,... Read more »

42 Tips for Rookie OTR Drivers

The hardest time on the road is your first six months.   If you make it through this window, you might just have a real trucker in you. This period is known well by rookie OTR drivers. OTR drivers are far away from company headquarters, out of on the road without a trainer or family... Read more »

What’s the best truck driving specialization?

The first big step most drivers make when they decide to take their job to the next level is a specialization. We asked our community of over 300,000 drivers what the best driving specialization is for truckers today. We highlight 16 of the best answers here.    Overall, the best specializations according to our drivers... Read more »

The Most Dangerous Places for Truckers

It doesn’t take an episode of Ice Road Truckers to know that truck drivers across the country are facing tricky situations. In you have been a driver on the road for over 5 years, you’re likely to have seen every terrain in the United States. We asked our community of truck drivers what type of... Read more »

6 Tips To Nail Your Trucking Job Interview

You’ve worked hard for your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and now it’s time to start applying for trucking jobs. Trucking companies will be looking for hard-working and reliable folk to join their team, so you need to do yourself proud in the job interview.   Working as a trucker requires you to act responsibly and... Read more »

How to Become an Owner Operator

Become an owner operator and get a little piece of the American dream. Being a truck driver is one of the best career choices for people who want big paychecks and a sense of independence in their work. Professional drivers can choose to own and run an owner operator trucking business. By running your own... Read more »

What’s the best part of being a trucker? Answer to Win!

Tesla Unveils New Semi Truck. Carriers Already Pre-Ordering

We know the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” and it seems that this is one of the main mission statements of Elon Musk and his company, Tesla. His company has so many irons in the fire looking to make the future happen sooner. When he is not trying to get man to Mars... Read more »

Dawn Roberts Named Driver of the Month at “Elite” Fleet

National Carriers, Inc. has named Dawn Roberts as Driver of the Month for August of 2017. She drives a company truck on National Carriers Southwest Regional Fleet and lives in Houma Louisiana. She is now a finalist for National Carriers, Inc. Driver of the Year to be announced in April of 2018. Safety Director Jill... Read more »