10 Top Cities for Truck Drivers

Truck driver jobs are becoming the #1 job in almost every state.

With more jobs comes more chances for experienced and new truck drivers to earn more money.

Trucker pay, benefits and work conditions vary by carrier and location. This makes it important for drivers to know the best cities for truck driver job success.

Using data from SpareFoot research, we ranked cities by following factors:

  • job availability
  • average annual salary
  • normal home price
  • median annual rent

These numbers are combined to create a rank system. Below are the top 10 best cities for truck drivers.

10. Nashville, TN


Percentage share of job listings: 8.8%

Average salary: $48,000

Nashville, Tennessee rests in the heartland of America, making it a perfect location for a trucking hub. Drivers from Nashville benefit from high levels of job openings and a higher than average salary for families in the city. Combined with low rent prices and great schools, Nashville is a popular option for drivers with families.

Top Trucking Job Offers in Nashville

Mesilla Valley Transportation offers up to $7,500 in sign on bonuses for company drivers and teams out of Nashville. Call 888-966-5446 to get hired with Mesilla.

Forward Air offers drivers out of Nashville flexible home time options. Owner operators with Forward Air have drop and hook loads + dedicated runs. Call 888-860-0693 and start being home more often.

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9. Louisville, KY


Percentage share of job listings: 9%

Average salary: $40,000

Louisville is the largest first-class city in Kentucky, making it a popular city for American drivers to call home. With top schools, annual festivals and city events, Louisville is a great place to start and raise a family. Louisville's location is convenient for truck drivers because major highways run through it including I-65, I-64, I-265, I-71 and I-264.

Top Trucking Job Offers in Louisville

Zeitner & Sons drivers make up to $60,000 a year with 2,500-3,000 miles a week guaranteed to drivers in Louisville. Call 855-884-3271 to start making more money in Louisville.

Hub Group is hiring drivers in Louisville who want to be home every day. 95% of Hub Group drivers enjoy daily home time. Call 877-989-5603 if home time is your #1 concern as a driver.

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8. Dallas, TX


Percentage share of job listings: 11.7%

Average salary: $52,000

You could say that Dallas is the perfect place for a professional truck driver. Four of America's main interstates converge in the city and another encircles it. If you're trying to deliver a load, Dallas is a great starting point. This booming city has countless job offers for truck drivers. Dallas ranks fifth for largest economy of a city in the United States and more than 1 out every 10 people is a driver!

Top Trucking Job Offers in Dallas

Averitt is the place to drive in Dallas for no-touch freight. 90% of deliveries are no-touch and drivers are home every week. Call 855-882-3884 to find out the Averitt advantage.

ACT has a $3,000 sign on bonus for drivers in Dallas as well as a driver referral program to get your friends interested in driving to join also while making you some extra cash. Call 877-784-2007 to get on the road with ACT.

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7. Kansas City, MO


Percentage share of job listings: 7%

Average salary: $47,000

Kansas City is the land of the truck driver. The city has more freeway lanes than any other city in the United States and four major highways run through it including I-29, I-35, I-49 and I-70. Although there are a little less truck driving jobs than other cities, Kansas City makes up for it with high salaries and low cost of living. In other words, Kansas City will make that paycheck stretch further than other top cities for drivers.

Top Trucking Job Offers in Kansas City

Swift has driving jobs in Kansas City for regional drivers not wanting to go coast to coast and sweeten the deal with a $3,000 sign on bonus. Call 888-493-3653 and join the growing Swift team.

Werner has team drivers covered in Kansas City with a $7,500 sign on bonus. Add that to the great pay and incentives like stock purchase and you have a winning job. Call 855-888-6439 to team up with Werner.

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6. Houston, TX


Percentage share of job listings: 10.6%

Average salary: $58,000

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and 1 out of every 10 open jobs is for a CDL driver. Drivers can also expect a high salary compared to other entry jobs in Houston. Houston is located in south Texas, giving drivers the option to increase pay by accepting international loads. Four major interstates meet in the city: I-10, I-45, I-69 and I-610.

Top Trucking Job Offers in Houston

Triple C Transit has owner operators covered in Houston. You earn 75% of each load meaning more money in your pocket. Most average $2,000 a week. Call 877-525-1059 to partner with Triple C.

Transcarriers offers drivers in Houston a $2,000 sign on bonus and recent pay raises to go along with vacation, holiday and layover pay. Call 888-992-0465 to stop job hopping and land with Transcarriers.

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5. Chicago, IL


Percentage share of job listings: 9.4%

Average salary: $61,000

Chicago is famous for its windy chill, Oprah, and baseball, but many people are unaware that Chicago is a perfect location for a trucking career. With an average salary of $61,000, drivers can make a good living by working locally or regionally.

Top Trucking Job Offers in Chicago

DeBoer keeps their drivers in Chicago local with full time positions with pick up and drop off in the Commercial Zone. Make great money and stay in the city! Call 844-346-3097 for more about driving with deBoer.

Gypsum Express wants flatbed drivers in Chicago and guarantees they will be home weekends. Not only that, their drivers make up to $85,000 a year. Call 888-994-6316 and drive from Gypsum.

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4. Indianapolis, IN


Percentage share of job listings: 11.9%

Average salary: $44,000

Indianapolis is known as the "Crossroads of America" because many train routes run through the city. CDL drivers take loads from trains and haul them to cities throughout the midwest and the rest of the United States. This transportation hub makes driver jobs plentiful. In fact, more than 1 out of every 10 job listings if for a driver. Combined with low home ownership prices, truck drivers in Indianapolis are able to live a more comfortable lifestyle than in other cities.

Top Trucking Job Offers in Indianapolis

Watkins & Shepard is looking for drivers in Indianapolis, and if you are former military, they count your driving time there towards your job with them. They even cover you with extended benefits if you are deployed for an extended time. Call 800-392-2470 see why one quarter of Watkins & Shepard’s employees are, or have been, military personnel.

Letica Freightliner offers drivers in Indianapolis with a $2,500 sign on bonus and earning extra paid home time. Vacation is earned after only 90 days so you can plan trips sooner rather than later. Call 877-957-5107 for more about opportunities with Letica.

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3. Columbus, OH

Percentage share of job listings: 9.2%

Average salary: $49,000

Columbus, Ohio has been rated one of the top cities to live in by Businessweek for 3 years in a row and this is especially true for truck drivers. Five major Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in Columbus and it has more distribution warehouses than other cities in the United States. This means loads on loads for drivers!

Top Trucking Job Offers in Columbus

A&S Kinard offers a $1,500 sign on bonus to go with a new pay package for drivers in Columbus. They also pay the same on loaded and empty miles as well as get their drivers home on the weekends. Call 877-790-4380 to connect with Kinard in Columbus.

Covenant wants hazmat drivers in Columbus to join their team. Don’t have a hazmat license? Covenant will pay for you to get yours. They know helping members of their team creates a great work environment. Call 877-784-7026 to go further with Covenant.

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2. Charlotte, NC

Percentage share of job listings: 10%

Average salary:$55,000

Ranking 2nd for truck driver jobs in the United States, Charlotte, North Carolina offers the combination of sweet southern charm with incredible financial opportunity. Charlotte is one of the two primary transportation hubs in the South. Although it is a large city, Charlotte can feel like a small town because of its southern, close-knit roots. Drivers that want both community and opportunity should check out driving jobs in Charlotte.

Top Trucking Job Offers in Charlotte

BTC (Builders Transportation Company) offers a $1,500 sign on bonus + a new pay package for drivers based in Charlotte, NC. They also allow you to choose between paper and elogs! Call 888-392-7454 to get started today.

Hansen & Adkins offers great driving jobs in Charlotte where drivers earn $1,400 a week while also being home 2-3 night a week. Drive new equipment while being home more. Call 877-722-5418 to find out more.

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1. Atlanta, GA


Percentage share of job listings: 12.2%

Average salary: $64,000

The number one, best city in the United States for truck driver jobs in Atlanta, Georgia. With the highest driver salaries in the United States AND the lowest home prices, drivers can build their bank account while living large and having a good time. In Atlanta, 12% of open jobs are for professional drivers. This gives truckers the opportunity to find the best job for their needs without compromising on pay or salary.

Top Trucking Job Offers in Atlanta

Super Service offers up to $10,000 in sign on bonuses for owner operators, company drivers and teams that partner with them in Atlanta. Call 877-989-9825 and start earning more as a driver.

K&B Transportation guarantees drivers $1125 minimum weekly pay to make sure you've got money in your pocket. Call 877-790-4681 if you're ready to have consistent, steady pay and miles.

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If you are a current driver or you are thinking of becoming one, these cities will help you bring in competitive pay while also saving money at home through low housing costs and overall low cost of living rates. Driving jobs are so plentiful in these cities that in many cases, one out of every ten state residents are a truck driver. The trucking industry is growing at such a rapid rate that companies are offering up to $10,000 in sign on bonuses to attract top talent.

You can apply to all the driving jobs in your area with one application here. Apply now.