28 Most Proud Trucking Moments

Truck driving is one of the most challenging jobs out there.

It requires sacrifice from home and comfort and a level of independence and problem solving that most people can not handle. This is why it can be the most rewarding career for the right person. We asked our community of over 300,000 truck drivers about their most proud moment on the road. We heard from over 1000 responses and gathered the best for you here.
“Payday!” -Orbie Blair “The day I trained my son and he still drives to this day. I am retired.” -Allen Fenton “One while getting fuel a person approached me and thank me for what I do and bless me. That really made me feel real proud, never had that said to me in my 22 years of driving. Keep trucking 😎✌🏼” -Henry Gomez ‘I pulled into the yard on my last day of work. I got to retire after several years working for the same man. He had been watching for me so he could tell me what a great job I had done over the years. He treated me well and I always tried my best to do a good job.” -Fala Johnson “Once an old timer in an old peterbuilt was having difficulty backing up his 53 foot trailer, after he tried about 6 or 7 times he got out of his truck and walked over to me in my truck and asked me if i would please back his truck into the door. I asked him what makes you think that i can back it in, he replied "you look confident enough out of all these other drivers". I theñ proceeded to back his trailer into the door without a problem, he thanked me.” -Paul Munet “Docking up blind side for the first time on my first day as a truck driver.” -Joze Ruiz “I kind of love trucking all over the country.” -Paul Munet “Going down the road with a washed truck, shining and tarp job looking perfect. Kinda hate to untarp the load.” -Julie Clark “Stopped in the mountains of Montana for a broken down school bus! It had a bunch of youngsters and a broken heater hose. Fixed the hose and topped off the radiator.’Had the gal start it up and made sure it was good for the road ahead! Followed them into Libby to be sure they made it then turned around and headed for Idaho! It was only 15 degrees and they were getting pretty COLD. Good Day!!!” -Wade McCrea “The day I could let my wife stay home and be there for my kids because I made enough money for the family at this job.” -Bobby Sanders “Working with my truck driver Dad and having him see me follow in his footsteps.” -Delphine Hunt “All of my good deeds I’ve done over the years here is a few things I’ve done I’ve delivered a baby three times and I’ve done others as well.” -Michael Hawthorne “I gotten to save a life helped get a older lady out of a van that a drunk driver hit. The van went up a embankment rolled over an she was trapped in her bye her seat belt I had to go in an cut her out of it. The van was smoking pretty bad we all didn’t know if fire was next or not. I was in the right place at the right time, that’s one thing I will always remember as a driver. A few more people over the years was not so lucky but, I was there has just after it happened to call for help them never leave your mind.” -Michael Swann “The day I paid cash for my Pete.” -Ken Adams “Pretty stoked when i got my Hazmat.” -Michael Paul Gore “Receiving "Female Driver Appreciation Award" July 2019 from Truckers Digest.” -Mary Hoaas “Getting our authority for our new Peterbilt.” -Carol Putman “Helping a woman has a flat tires in the highway.” -Nizar Sakka “Backing up a 70 foot trailer with 90 foot girder on it.” -Nick Ostrander “Getting a complement from acrossed the Qualcomm from your boss.” -Julie Clark “Three and a half million miles Incident free.” -William Swanson “Setting the parking brake for the last time.” -Wil Bennett “Driving to the yard knowing i will drive gp get loaded and make my "FIRST" DELIVER” -Vincent Silva . “When he got his truch Garfield. He drove it 10 years.” -Agnes Jason “When you drive your own truck.” -Francisco Javier Padilla “Going to the mint in Philadelphia.” -Harold Arbogast “When I go to different places.” -Jonathan Bencito Jupio “When a kid throws up the arm pump and you rip that air horn!” -George Ress
When you ask truck driver what is important to them, their answer is pretty much always about helping other people. The most proud trucking moments of drivers from across the country are when you have the chance to step up and help out your fellow trucker or neighbor. We have covered hundreds of drivers’ best moments in the pages of Trucker’s Digest. All we can say is bless American truck drivers for the work and soul they put behind their work. We appreciate you every day.