8 Solid Pieces of Advice from Truck Driver Trainers

We asked our trucker fans to share the best advice they have learned from a trainer and we heard over 400 responses! Here are the top 8 pieces of advice, chosen according to most likes and editor's picks.

​1. Wreck = Fired!

You wreck the truck you're fired! -David Franceschi

​2. Aim high.

​​Aim High In Sterring, Get The Big Picture, Leave Yourself An Out and Get Out And Look (G.O.A.L.). Take it slow - you're at work already, your fellow drivers are most likely late to work! Get Sleep, Eat Healthy and Exercise Reguarly. -Glen Grahl

​3. Always watch your trailer in your mirror by scanning them 24/7.

​Always keep your head looking out the mirrors all the time scanning to make sure that the trailer is tracking right. -Henry Gallagher

​4. Do It Yourself

​My trainer stayed in the sleeper. Said "you ain't gonna learn if I show you how to do everything. " lmao. Whether he was right or wrong, I've always got my first million safe miles and never had a moving violation. - Rockey Don

​5. Don't rely on your jake brake for steep hills.

​"If you can't take a truck down a hill without a Jake Brake, you can't do it with one." -Curt Elkstrom

​6.  You can only go down a hill too fast one time.

​My dad was a trainer and the biggest thing he told me that struck with me all these years is this: you can go down a hill a million times too slow but you only go down it once too fast." -Jese Moore

​7. Father knows best.

​(My Dad) Always watch your mirrors and keep check of your surroundings. Don't blindside unless you absolutely have no other choice. -Isaac Fields

​8. Figure out what works for you.

​Get out and look and to drive with patience. Scan ahead at all times. Grind til u find. I had a guy, not my trainer, tell me to add the numbers so I wouldn't lose gear. If I was at 35 mph then 3+5 is 8 so I should be in 8th gear. Believe or not that worked for me when I was a rookie trying to learn how to drive on the freeway.

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