10 Top Cities for Truck Drivers

Truck driver jobs are becoming the #1 job in almost every state. With more jobs comes more chances for experienced and new truck drivers to earn more money. Trucker pay, benefits and work conditions vary by carrier and location. This makes it important for drivers to know the best cities for truck driver job success. Using data… Read more »

Amazon Plans To Move Data With Trucks, Faster Than Internet

Amazon is taking data delivery to a whole new level with the announcement of Amazon Snowball. The tech giant is now using actual physical trucks to move data across the country instead of over the internet. What a cool truck driver job! Amazon states: “With Snowball, you can transfer hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of… Read more »

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 11-17 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week. During this week, the transport industry will say thank you to truck drivers for delivering goods across America. Safe, dependable drivers are always in demand in the trucking industry. As a skilled job that requires hard work and long hours, drivers are the backbone of every community. Overall,… Read more »

Tesla Plans To Add Pickup And Freight Trucks To Their Production

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled his “master plan” that he has been teasing since July 10th with tweets that have kept his followers wondering what was next for the magnate. World domination was the easy pick, but you will have to wait on that. He announced that his company has the long-term vision of… Read more »

Nikola One Pre-Orders Hit $2.3 Billion Before Prototype Is Complete

We have talked about the Nikola One before, when it was announced that the startup was developing a truck with the aid of turbine-charged batteries that could travel 1,200 miles on one 150 gallon tank. Nikola recently opened pre-orders for what they hope will be the truck of the future and if the numbers are… Read more »

Successful, Happy Drivers Across America Are Choosing CRST Malone

CRST Malone reached out to drivers across America to find out what independent truckers really want from carriers. What did they find? Owner operators want big pay off when they take the responsibility of load on their shoulders. Now, CRST Malone is giving independent drivers plenty of freight to keep drivers rolling, making money and choosing flexible… Read more »

What are truck drivers like you getting paid in your area?

Here’s how to find out: Step 1. Tell us about you Fill out this form that gives us everything we need to find the trucking jobs best for you. Step 2. Relax Sit back while we start matching you with companies hiring drivers like you. Step 3. Review Job Offers Expect to get emails and calls… Read more »

Meet Otto, The Retrofit That Makes Existing Semis Autonomous

We are still years away from self-driving trucks making their ways onto the roads. Daimler has said they expect their Freightliner will not become the norm on the highway until 2025, but some former employees at Google are looking to make the future happen just a bit sooner. Anthony Levandowski, previously of Google Streetview and… Read more »

Nikola One Looks To Usher In New Era Of Driving

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Elon Musk and Tesla should feel very good about themselves. A new start up, called Nikola One, has unveiled their new concept for a semi truck that is hoping to turn the trucking industry on its head. Right now all that is available are concept pictures… Read more »

Google May Be Paving The Way For Self-Driving Truck Deliveries

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is already testing self-driving cars in three U.S. cities and are planning on a 2017 release for Project Wing, a drone delivery system to compete with Amazon’s. Now they may be going a step further with a patent filed for an “autonomous delivery platform” that could be for driverless… Read more »