10 Top Cities for Truck Drivers

Truck driver jobs are becoming the #1 job in almost every state. With more jobs comes more chances for experienced and new truck drivers to earn more money. Trucker pay, benefits and work conditions vary by carrier and location. This makes it important for drivers to know the best cities for truck driver job success. Using data… Read more »

Your Guide To Owner Operator Truck Driver Jobs

Professional drivers can choose to own and run an owner operator trucking business. By running your own business, you have the power to shape your driving job, earn more dough and be happy while working. Owner operators (independent drivers) are one of the most profitable types of drivers. After costs and deductions, its common for drivers to earn $50,000… Read more »

How Truck Drivers Can Make More Money

Drivers say the two best parts about being a trucker are the views and the money. But let’s get real, those views look a whole lot better when we’re bringing home that thick bacon. The better the bacon, the better the view. Can I get a 10-4? Just like any career, making more money while… Read more »

All About Free CDL Schools and Tuition Reimbursement

Being a truck driver is one of the best career choices for people who want big paychecks and a sense of independence in their work. We get questions every day asking for tips on how to become a truck driver. One of the first steps is getting commercial drivers license (CDL) training which can thousands of dollars. To help out… Read more »

Truck Driver Job App Tips That Can Get You A Better Offer

When you are applying for a new truck driving job, your job application becomes your first impression with the hiring company. The first person to see your job application is going to be a recruiter or a hiring manager. After reading through your app, they will make the decision of whether or not to pursue… Read more »

Rules For A Happy Life On (And Off) The Road

Would you be surprised to know that 52.3% of Americans surveyed in a 2014 report said they were unhappy at their job? We spend so much of our waking lives working that job satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) spills over into our overall happiness. For truck drivers, unhappiness on the road has an even bigger impact because… Read more »

Are you one of most skilled drivers in the nation?

Do you think you’re one of the most skilled drivers in the nation? Check out these incredible special loads that only the best drivers can haul.   Larger Than Life Tanks   The Gigantic Green Giant   Aerospace Vessels   Renewable Energy Equipment   Oil and Gas Boilers & Tanks   Oversized Construction Equipment   Specialized… Read more »

What are truck drivers like you getting paid in your area?

Here’s how to find out: Step 1. Tell us about you Fill out this form that gives us everything we need to find the trucking jobs best for you. Step 2. Relax Sit back while we start matching you with companies hiring drivers like you. Step 3. Review Job Offers Expect to get emails and calls… Read more »

How To Get A Local Truck Driving Job

Marlana Summon knew she wanted to be a local truck driver when she started looking for a second career. Her husband spent some of his career as a truck driver and Marlana’s memories of his manual diesel truck are still clear in her mind. “I was searching for a second career option because I kept… Read more »

How To Become A Truck Driver

Truck driving jobs are becoming more attractive with recent increases in driver pay and sign on bonuses, less government regulation for young drivers and US Veterans, and more available positions due to a truck driver shortage. Helpful job sites like ours can guide your search for the perfect career fit when comparing hiring requirements, truck driving companies, and… Read more »