How Truck Drivers Can Make More Money

Drivers say the two best parts about being a trucker are the views and the money. But let's get real, those views look a whole lot better when we're bringing home that thick bacon. The better the bacon, the better the view. Can I get a 10-4? Just like any career, making more money while driving trucks means drivers must develop industry skills and get the certifications that high-paying companies want. Money making skills and certifications include: Heavy Haulage / Oversized Loads One type of high-paying specialized driving job is heavy haulage or oversized loads. These jobs require constant focus, forward thinking and planning skills, and a big ol' bucket of patience. Oversized drivers share the road with oncoming traffic and travel with a spotter from start to finish. To get started, you'll need to get experience with drop decks and other special loads. Companies that need oversized drivers include specialized transport carriers, moving companies for homes and large or heavy equipment shippers. Heavy haul trucking jobs are listed under specialized drivers. Doubles / Triples (T CDL Endorsement) The doubles & triples endorsement requires a knowledge test that you can practice online and take at the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Check your state's test requirements because each state varies in testing, but all tests are pretty similar. A double & triples endorsement makes you a more versatile driver that can haul more goods than others. Drivers will need to learn how to hook up doubles & triples, how to check their air valves and how to manage turns and backing up. We have hundreds of doubles/triples trucking jobs. Tank Vehicles (N CDL Endorsement) Tank vehicles require a knowledge test at your state's Department of Motor Vehicles. According to the FMCSA, drivers need a tank endorsement to haul any liquid or gaseous container that is larger than 119 gallons individually or over 1,000 gallons combined. Hazardous Materials / HAZMAT ( H CDL Endorsement) HAZMAT endorsements require both a knowledge test and a TSA Threat Assessment. The knowledge test can be┬ádone at your state's Department of Motor Vehicles AFTER you complete your TSA Threat Assessment. To apply, you'll need your citizenship documents including social security card, birth certificate and you will need to pass a comprehensive background screen. You can apply online or set up an appointment on TSA's website. When you're ready, check out our HAZMAT trucking jobs. Tank + HAZMAT (X CDL Endorsement) Drivers that are endorsed for both tank and HAZMAT are able to carry highly specialized loads that require more care and skill than other loads. If you have this endorsement, carriers will pay top dollar to have your skills on their fleet. Once you've got these skills down, you've stepped up your driving game and you're on the road to riches. If you have any of the above endorsements and you want to find out what carriers are willing to pay for your top-of-line-skills, fill out this quick form and trucking companies will contact you with job offers.