Video: Good Samaritan Rescues Driver

Truck drivers know that a quick change in weather can mean serious business. In Texas, a driver faced a dangerous flood situation. A good samaritan comes to the rescue and saves the truck driver’s life after he becomes trapped on the road. Watch the video below to see what happens in the rescue. Video provided by  The Weather… Read more »

How Truck Drivers Can Make More Money

Drivers say the two best parts about being a trucker are the views and the money. But let’s get real, those views look a whole lot better when we’re bringing home that thick bacon. The better the bacon, the better the view. Can I get a 10-4? Just like any career, making more money while… Read more »

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 11-17 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week. During this week, the transport industry will say thank you to truck drivers for delivering goods across America. Safe, dependable drivers are always in demand in the trucking industry. As a skilled job that requires hard work and long hours, drivers are the backbone of every community. Overall,… Read more »

Unbelievable Reasons To Thank A Trucker

The incredible amount of hard work that truck drivers put in to get the job done can be hard to sum up, but this amazing statistic gives us a snapshot of everything drivers do. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that commercial transport employs 1 out of every 7 US workers and serves over 7 million… Read more »

Tesla Plans To Add Pickup And Freight Trucks To Their Production

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled his “master plan” that he has been teasing since July 10th with tweets that have kept his followers wondering what was next for the magnate. World domination was the easy pick, but you will have to wait on that. He announced that his company has the long-term vision of… Read more »

All About Free CDL Schools and Tuition Reimbursement

Being a truck driver is one of the best career choices for people who want big paychecks and a sense of independence in their work. We get questions every day asking for tips on how to become a truck driver. One of the first steps is getting commercial drivers license (CDL) training which can thousands of dollars. To help out… Read more »

Six Tips For Saving Money On The Road

Being on the road is time consuming, but can also be money consuming. Drivers have expenses that normal workers do not have so here are some ways to keep some dollar bills in your wallet.     1. Create a budget and stick to it. We know it is easier said than done, but the… Read more »

Truck Driver Job App Tips That Can Get You A Better Offer

When you are applying for a new truck driving job, your job application becomes your first impression with the hiring company. The first person to see your job application is going to be a recruiter or a hiring manager. After reading through your app, they will make the decision of whether or not to pursue… Read more »

Nikola One Pre-Orders Hit $2.3 Billion Before Prototype Is Complete

We have talked about the Nikola One before, when it was announced that the startup was developing a truck with the aid of turbine-charged batteries that could travel 1,200 miles on one 150 gallon tank. Nikola recently opened pre-orders for what they hope will be the truck of the future and if the numbers are… Read more »

Rules For A Happy Life On (And Off) The Road

Would you be surprised to know that 52.3% of Americans surveyed in a 2014 report said they were unhappy at their job? We spend so much of our waking lives working that job satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) spills over into our overall happiness. For truck drivers, unhappiness on the road has an even bigger impact because… Read more »