Six Tips For Saving Money On The Road

Being on the road is time consuming, but can also be money consuming. Drivers have expenses that normal workers do not have so here are some ways to keep some dollar bills in your wallet.


1. Create a budget and stick to it.

money-gifs-zombieland We know it is easier said than done, but the first step for anyone looking to save money is to create a budget for your bills and needs and don't deviate. If you have a certain amount a week set up for eating, don't go on a burger spree. Also it helps to set up automatic bill pay so you can automatically deduct those from your budget and won't forget any important payments on the road.

2. Have an emergency fund.

Breaking-Bad-Budget-GIF Being out on the road is an uncertain thing. To say otherwise would be stretching the truth like silly putty. One way to help keep your mind at ease is to have an emergency fund set aside for anything that could come up. Think before using the funds "is this really an emergency?".

3. Don't eat out for every meal.

lemonsandwich As easy as it is to stop and grab a burger and fries it sure can add up quickly. Eating two meals a day for seven days at $5 a pop (which is cheap) is $70 a week or $280 a month. You know, most of a vehicle payment. A mini fridge is a great way to help out since you can keep the basics for sandwich and salads in there and come out healthier also. 4. Use deals to your advantage. starwars Plenty of truck stops and grocery stores offer reward programs for frequent customers. If you are going to be out on the road for days you might as well take advantage of the deals they offer. Be sure and check with truck stops you frequent to see if they offer a loyalty club discount. Saving money never hurt anyone, just made their keychain fatter from all the mini-cards that will come.

5. Stick to cheap coffee.

coffee_time_futurama Who doesn't like Starbucks or any other kind of gourmet coffee? We live in a coffee driver society, but that stuff can get expensive. Gas stations and truck stops are offering coffee, sometimes not that far off from the expensive stuff, for a lot less.

6.Invest in a power inverter.

cersei2535 Cooking for yourself is one of the easiest way to help your wallet out. A power inverter will let you use a microwave, grill or coffee maker to make your truck more self-sufficient and budget friendly. Be sure and check the wattage you are going to use to make sure your inverter will run what you need. 6 TipsForSaving MoneyOn The Road