Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 11-17 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2016.

[update: Click here for Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2017]

During this week, the transport industry will say thank you to truck drivers for delivering goods across America.

Safe, dependable drivers are always in demand in the trucking industry. As a skilled job that requires hard work and long hours, drivers are the backbone of every community.

Overall, the Department of Transportation estimates that with administration, drivers and warehouse workers combined, there are nearly 10 million people teaming up to make sure goods arrive just in time at stores and in homes.

Drivers are the frontline face of the US transport system, hauling 70% of goods from one city to another.

The US Bureau of Transportation estimates that 92% of food and 65% of medicine are delivered by commercial trucks annually.

As carriers are spending time thanking their own fleet of drivers, many recruiters and hiring managers are offering their best job offers this time of year, including sign on bonuses and paid or free CDL training.

For drivers that are wondering how their job compares to others with similar experience, check out our article on finding out what other drivers are getting paid.

Take the time to thank a truck driver today as their busiest season starts to begin!