Truck Driver Job App Tips That Can Get You A Better Offer

When you are applying for a new truck driving job, your job application becomes your first impression with the hiring company. The first person to see your job application is going to be a recruiter or a hiring manager. After reading through your app, they will make the decision of whether or not to pursue you based only on the information they see. This means the job app is your first chance to get it right and make the best impression possible.

Be sure to complete the entire application which as much information as possible. 
Every part of an application asks for important information that a company needs to determine if you have the correct qualifications, experience and abilities to be successful. This includes your driver's license number, current physical address, email address, and phone number and your social security number. Using this information, a company will verify your job app with federal databases before they offer a position with their company
Use industry detail to show hiring managers your strengths.
When you submit your truck driving job application, be sure to select all of your endorsements and the haul types that you are willing to carry. Hiring managers know the basics of what you’ve done at your previous jobs, but when they contact you, they will want to know the details. Be prepared to note the types of trailers you have experience with, mention additional equipment used and any notable qualifications or training.
Double check the application for typos before submitting. 
Hiring managers know that paying attention to detail is the mark of a responsible and alert driver. While on the road, leaving out details on logs can lead to costly fees and even impact your company's insurance premiums. Hiring managers may interpret typos as not paying attention to details. Typos in critical places on your application like your name, email and license numbers can hurt you if the error causes the hiring company to find inaccurate or incomplete information.
Highlight military experience on your application. 
Take every opportunity to highlight military experience when possible. Military experience indicates that you are dedicated, team-oriented and know how to take on important responsibility. Some trucking companies even have incentive programs to attract vets which can fast track you to an incredible job offer.
Provide your full work history and be upfront about driving record and violations.
Be truthful. Because commercial truck driver employers use DAC reports in their hiring process, they will be fully aware of any previous positions you have held that were subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. If anything on your job app isn’t exactly correct, a hiring manager will know, and this will definitely hurt your odds of getting the position.

Apply to all the companies you are interested in at the same time. 

If you apply to every company that you think might be a fit for you, you can compare job offers and increase your chances of negotiating for a better benefit package, sign on bonus and/or pay check. We work with over 100 carriers, ranging from big OTR companies to locally-owned businesses. Our truck driver job app that will connect you to all the companies you meet the qualifications for so you can avoid filling out multiple applications on different sites.

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