What are the top three things I should have in my cab?

What are the top three things I should have in my cab?


We do not beat around the bush around here. The most common answer to “What are the top three things I should have in my cab?” straight from thousands of truck drivers:






Yet, there seems to be a lot more to it than that. Some drivers like to keep it simple, just cash and their wife. Other drivers will not hit the road without their Xbox.


Check out these answers from our community of over 300,000 drivers. Their responses may surprise you.


“A good driver, good map and a good thermos flask.”

-Robin Clews

“Fire extinguisher, Reflective Triangles , First Aid kit”

-Rafay Sufian

“Atlas, flashlight,and logbook

-Teresa Adams

“Atlas. Flashlight. Clock”

-Terry Frazier

“Seat,seat belts and a steering wheel”

-Thomas C. Kennedy

“Hila Fire extinguishers, reflective triangles and fuses.”

-Majlinda Krenar

“1. Cb (get it peaked and tweaked, the biggest one you can afford)

2. Tool kit (include duct tape, knife and bungees)

3. Glad hand seals”

-Mary Hoaas

“Garmin 770. Freezer . Xbox one tv.”

-Michael Strazzella

“A good atlas, extra pens, trash.”

-Richard Shelnutt

“A 10 BC Fire Extinguisher, 3 reflective triangles, and one spare fuse for each fuse that is in the truck of course!”

-Tracy Koppa

“Sanity, common sense, and integrity.’

-James Lowery

“A CB, map and pen & paper.”

-Anthony Recoy

“Fingerless gloves, flip-flops and sweatpants.”

-Mark Norris

“Fire extinguisher, triangles and fuses.”

-Tevis Sandman

“Flares, flashlight, CB.”

-John Birch

“Flairs flashlight cooler.”

-William Swanson

“Fire extinguisher. Flashlight. Road flares.”

-Kevin Casey

“Flashlight gloves tire thumper.”

-Joshua Mendoza

“Steering wheel, seat, shifter handle.”

-Paul Barber

“Dog. Satellite radio. Second dog.”

-Gunner McKasson

“A thermos full of coffee, five grand in your wallet (cash) and your wife riding shotgun.”

-Richard Arthur Locke

After a solid read through, you can’t argue with the voice of hundreds of drivers. Funny enough, not one of the drivers said drinking water. Getting thirsty out there? Be sure to plan for your health and wellness. Always keep water and nutrious food with you on the road. Taking care of yourself is the most important part of driving.

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