L-5 Transportation NOW HIRING OWNER OPERATORS! Hiring In The Seaford, DE Area!

Seaford, DE

L-5 Transportation is an Independent Agent of Landstar Transportation Inc. We are one of Landstar’s upper revenue producing agencies, and have for 25 years in a row as a Landstar Agent. We are also one of the last remaining recruiting terminals left in the Landstar system. We are staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We feel it’s important to work the same hours as you do so we can assist you in after-hour loading issues, load board assistance, and just general questions about the industry.

L-5 considers its business capacity owners “CEOs on Wheels.” Landstar BCO’s receive a percentage of the revenue paid for each load they haul. With the non forced-dispatch approach, Landstar BCOs enjoy the freedom to choose their own freight lanes. By signing on with L-5 you are guaranteed these options, we want to see you succeed! We are structured financially the same as you are, meaning that if you’re not making money then neither are we, so it’s our priority to see that your loaded with high dollar freight on every mile you travel. We work hard to understand your financial obligations. We want to know the regions you like to travel, the freight you like to haul, and the kind of home time you desire, so we can fit you into an application that is both rewarding, and profitable.

We want you to feel comfortable with us. We understand that your investment is paramount. We challenge all our potential “CEOs on Wheels,” to see for themselves. That’s why we offer weekly webinars giving you a sneak peek glance into our system, and its tools.

Landstar agents are part of America’s small business success story. We have a vested interest in bringing you the best in all modes of transportation services. Backed by the resources of Landstar, we provide excellence in transportation, and logistics services.

We will show you first hand the opportunities available to you when signing on with Landstar. So give us a call, send us an email, stop in for some coffee, and a conversation!

We look forward to securing your future today!

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