Celebrate Your Independence! Get Paid! Now Hiring Independent Trucking Contractors In The West Milton, OH Area!

West Milton, OH

Celebrate Your Independence. Get Paid—Independent Trucking Contractor

You’re fiercely independent. We respect that. In fact, we’ve created trucking opportunities—a complete framework, really—that keeps you that way, with the ability to choose your own schedule, maintain a solid home life, and cash in. Your tractor. Your business. Your drive. We simply provide choices. And, a dedicated fleet leader that works with you individually and knows your goals. By being an “independent trucking contractor” for Veriha (pronounced “Veeria”), you have the backing of people who communicate clearly and support your business goals. From the beginning, you know your expectations. You own your work week, your expenses, and your maintenance costs. You earn a percentage of revenue, not pay by mile. We listen to your input. And, we help you excel. That is our commitment to our business partners. And when we commit to something, we deliver on it. That way, we all succeed.


Veriha Company




Veriha Trucking offers benefits many others don’t:


  • Gross over $4,500 a week
  • Extreme fuel savings pass through
  • Insurance options that give you peace of mind without breaking the bank
  • Negotiated maintenance rates to save you time and money
  • Discounted tolls




  • You want to earn to your fullest potential
  • You can clearly communicate; and you expect others to do the same
  • You appreciate honesty
  • You enjoy a life outside of your job
  • You love being in control of your business
  • You have an entrepreneurial heart
  • You like the personal attention you get with a fleet leader to driver ratio of 25:1



  • Partner with many Fortune 100 companies
  • Founded in 1978; still family-owned

Employee-focused, family-first company



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