Custom Marketing

Direct Driver Application Advertising Program

Our custom marketing campaigns feature Direct Driver Advertising, unlimited job location targeting, expansive job distribution to network partners, a personalized company landing page, and direct ATS integration.

Raising the Bar in Truck Driver Recruitment

Trucking recruitment is an ever-changing landscape, and it demands practical, effective solutions. That's where comes in. We've built a powerful combination of marketing and advertising tools designed to help you connect with the very best truck drivers out there. With us, it's not just about getting applicants; it's about ensuring you get calls and applications from the right candidates for your positions.

Our platform is all about giving you an edge in your recruitment efforts. With our Unlimited Job Location Targeting feature, you can make sure your job listings reach drivers no matter where they are. And thanks to our strong relationships with top job sites, we're able to spread the word about your positions far and wide, getting them in front of the right eyes. Our straightforward Job Landing Pages make it easy for potential drivers to learn about and apply for your openings.

We're all about making things simple and effective for you. Every driver who shows interest goes through our Prequalification process, so you only spend time on candidates who truly fit the bill. Plus, our Direct ATS Integration makes managing applications a breeze by fitting seamlessly into your existing systems.

But we don't just set things up and walk away. We're with you for the long haul, providing monthly Performance Reports so you always know how your listings are doing and where you can improve. Partner with and see the difference firsthand in your trucking recruitment journey.

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