Full Intelliapps powered by ADn

Intelliapp Application Marketing

Recieve comprehensive IntelliApp applications, allowing your recruiters to concentrate on the submissions with the highest potential for hire, rich in detail, and representing the finest quality leads.

Full Intelliapps powered by ADn:

Streamlining the Recruitment Pathway

Navigating the challenges of truck driver recruitment requires tools that don't just deliver, but excel. Presenting "Full Intelliapps powered by ADn" — your specialized gateway to acquiring meticulously filled out driver applications, tailored for the Tenstreet ATS. With us, you're not just buying a service, you're investing in a streamlined recruitment process that ensures every application in your Tenstreet ATS is complete, precise, and primed for evaluation.

Our product stands at the intersection of innovation and practicality. Our Unlimited Job Locations Targeting ensures that no geographical boundary limits your reach, making certain your offerings resonate with potential drivers countrywide. Additionally, our solidified partnerships grant your listings unmatched exposure, broadcasting them across an exclusive network of trusted job platforms. And with dedicated Job Landing Pages, candidates aren't just viewing an opening; they're engaging with the story and vision of your organization.

But our engagement doesn’t stop at visibility. Dive deeper into the applicant pool with our Prequalification screening, which goes beyond the basics. With the inclusion of custom questions, gauge the alignment, and suitability of potential drivers in relation to your company's unique needs. Moreover, our Direct Tenstreet ATS Integration is built with simplicity and efficiency in mind, minimizing friction and maximizing application management ease.

And as we forge ahead in this partnership, transparency remains our steadfast commitment. With our Monthly Performance Reports, gain actionable insights and witness the tangible impact of our collaboration on your recruitment efforts. So, embrace the power of Full Intelliapps powered by ADn, and redefine the benchmarks of truck driver recruitment.

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